60" Quarterstaff Bo Staff for hiking or wilderness protection
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Bo Staff Laminated Calico sapwood heartwood hickory
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Bo Staff 1,1/4" 60" Hickory Hardwood Laminated Quarterstaff for Karate or Hiking.

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These particular staffs are 60" inch long Hickory Wood Staffs. and have a constant 1, 1/4" in diameter. The Bo Staff is a traditional Okinawan self defense training weapon used in Kobudo style martial arts. Making them heavy enough for all practical uses.

Hickory is the hardest available native North American wood, and is excellent for all uses. In particular these staffs are made from beautiful southern shagbark hickory which is amongst the strongest hickory species.

These staffs are made from two laminations or pieces of hickory. The different laminations of wood make these staffs stronger as the different grain orientations reinforce each other, and the glue joint is permanent and stronger then the actual grain of the wood itself. The lamination also serves the purpose of keeping the wood straight, and it will resist warping more then solid hardwood.

This staff excellent for all heavy uses.

Hickory comes in two colors. Light sapwood, and light brown to darker brown heartwood. Some staffs have different colors of hickory laminated together. This is called Calico Hickory, and you commonly see it in hard wood hickory floors for extra beauty. As each staff is completely unique, the colors and patterns in the wood is different for each staff. The differences in color is purely aesthetic in nature.

Each staff is finished with several coats of Linseed and Beeswax oil and sanded to a fine finish, which gives it a permanent shine and and amazing feel in the which allows the hands to slip effortlessly up and down the staff.


*If you desire a size other then what I currently have available in stock please purchase the following listing and I will re-finish your staff. https://www.etsy.com/ScrapwoodMartialArts/listing/610985560

*If you are a guest and want to contact me about a custom order please send your correspondence to scrapwoodmartialarts@gmail.com and I will be happy to set up a listing for you.

DISCLAIMER: The user assumes and accepts any and all risks and responsibilities in handling any purchased karate staffs. To maximize safety please adhere to each of the following rules.
-ALWAYS inspect each staff carefully, before and after each use.
-ALWAYS use proper safety equipment and precautions when handling any staff with regards to yourself and others.
-ALWAYS administer proper care and diligence in storing and maintaining your staff.

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