Discounted Sale Walking sticks staffs
Discounted Sale Walking sticks staffs purpleheart hickory karate staffs
Discounted Sale Walking sticks staffs
Discounted Sale Walking sticks staffs
Discounted Sale Walking sticks staffs
character mark hickory staff discounted
character mark wood pin knot hickory staff karate
pin knot hickory staff karate discounted
Discounted Character staff hickory martial arts hiking
Discounted Sale Walking sticks staffs

Discounted Staffs / Walking Stick Collection

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Often in the making of staffs a feature arises in the wood that sometimes makes it possibly not ideal for contact but otherwise is a perfectly beautiful staff. And sometimes there are simply just asthetic marks that I would not want to sell with my normal listings which do not affect the integrity of the wood at all. I have listed these staffs at a discount from my other listings here. Please read the entire description of the staff to make sure that they are right for you. 

All of the staffs in this listing have the same workmanship and care put into them, so there are no major defects. Usually the features are in the form of minor pin knots which can be present and still make a remarkable bo. They can also have wavy or non straight grain, or some other aesthetic unusual feature which would make me not want to sell them in my regular listings and would warrant a specific description of its features for each case. The balance on each of these staffs is of course perfect, and these often make the best most character walking sticks. So please check here first to see what is available if these characteristics are not important (or are even perhaps desirable)

I will list a very short description for you to choose when you check out, and if needed, I have done my best to give more description of each individual staff below.

*A note on shipping. I ship UPS. I am not able to set shipping for each item on here, so I am charging Bo staff shipping for every one. If your staff is less then 4 feet, or sometimes more, I will refund the additional shipping. Thank you for your understanding. 


Picture 1: 58 Inch 1Inch Width Solid Hickory Jo Staff. The hickory used for this staff is slighty lighter then what I usually sell for contact grade hickory. Its weight is 1lb 5 oz. Making this staff unsuitable for contact. I have reduced the price 5 dollars for this. In addition, the staff has many dark grain lines, and although this is not uncommon in hickory, there is an unusual amount on this staff, making it very distinctive, and possibly beautiful. I have reduced the price 10 dollars for the asthetic marks. From 70 to 55$

Picture 2: This Laminated 63" by 1" PurpleHeart Staff has many small hairline (almost invisable) cracks running up and down the staff) With proper sanding, for the most part these can not be felt, but I would recommend this staff for a walking stick. It has a very slight bend in it which can not be removed. For these features I have reduced the price 35$ From 110 to 75$

Picture 3. 72" 1,1/8 Solid Hickory Staff. This staff is made from light weight hickory so it should not be used for contact. In addition it has some major knots in one section of the staff. It would however be perfect as a light weight hiking stick. The pictures are shown in an unfinished, unoiled state. I have reduced the price 25$ from 85 to 60$

Picture 4: Solid Hickory 48" 1" Same wood and features as Staff 1. I have reduced the price 15 dollars from 67 to 52$

Picture 5: Hickory Ipe Laminated Deluxe 44" 1,1/8" Long Hanbo Staff. This is an excellent staff which can be used for full contact. there are no material flaws. There is only a slight asthetic marking on one end of the staff  which is dark grain lines. These are not cracks, it is just coloration, and the staff in incredibly solid. I have reduced the price  10$ from 92$ to 82$ The staff is shown in a raw state. Unoiled and unfinished in the picture. 

Picture 6: This is an excellent 46" 1,1/4 Hickory Ipe laminated deluxe staff. It has a few asthetic marks the largest of which is shown in the picture. There are a few others much smaller. This staff is suitable for all the heaviest uses. And the marks to not detract from the strength of the wood. It is very heavy weighing in at almost 2 pounds. I have reduced the price 8 dollars from 110 to 97$

Picture 7: 36" 1,1/4 Hickory Hanbo. This is a fully functional solid full contact extra heavy hickory hanbo. It is made with laminated construction. It has several large discolorations on it. But they are completely solid and in no way detract from the functionality of this staff. I have reduced the price 5$ from 62$ to 57$

Picture 8: 50" 1,1/4 Laminated Hickory Jo Staff. This staff is an extremely strong Hickory staff with only a few unimportant dark spots on the staff, which do not affect the staff at all. I have reduced the price 5$ from 77$ to 72$

Picture 9: 51" 1" Deluxe Hickory Ipe Laminated Aikido Jo Staff. This is a fully functional staff with a sort of snaky asthetic marking on one side. Not affecting the strength of the staff at all. This staff is made from excellent heavy hard hickory and ipe and is will perform perfectly for any use. I have reduced the price 5$ from 115 to 110

Picture 10: 48" 1,1/8 Octagonal Solid Hickory Staff. This staff has a major section of wavy grain and a decent sized pin knot right in the middle of the staff. I have reduced the price 15$ from 95$ to 80$

*If you  want to contact me about a custom order please send your correspondence to and I will be happy to help.

DISCLAIMER: The user assumes and accepts any and all risks and responsibilities in handling any purchased staffs. To maximize safety please adhere to each of the following rules.
-ALWAYS inspect each staff carefully, before and after each use.
-ALWAYS use proper safety equipment and precautions when handling any staff with regards to yourself and others.
-ALWAYS administer proper care and diligence in storing and maintaining your staff.