Discounted Staffs / Walking Stick Collection
Discounted Staffs / Walking Stick Collection
Discounted Staffs / Walking Stick Collection
Discounted Staffs / Walking Stick Collection

Discounted Staffs / Walking Stick Collection

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Often in the making of staffs a feature arises in the wood that sometimes makes it possibly not ideal for contact but otherwise is a perfectly beautiful staff. And sometimes there are asthetic marks that I would not want to sell with my normal listings that do not affect the integrity of the wood at all. I have listed these staffs at a discount from my other listings here. These staffs are perfect for solo and at home training, or for tournaments.

All of the staffs in this listing have the same workmanship and care put into them, so there are no major defects. Usually the features are in the form of minor pin knots which can be present and still make a remarkable bo. They can also have wavy or non straight grain, or some other aesthetic unusual feature which would make me not want to sell them in my regular listings and would warrant a specific description of its features for each case. The balance on each of these staffs is of course perfect, and these often make the best most character walking sticks. So please check here first to see what is available if these characteristics are not important (or are even perhaps desirable)

I will list a very short description for you to choose when you check out, and if needed, I have done my best to give more description of each individual staff below.


Picture 1: Laminated purpleheart tapered staff.  This staff has several intermittant hairline fractures. These can be felt occassionally and may need occassional sanding. Otherwise they are not a risk to your hands and the staff is otherwise smooth. The staff is perfectly straight, and balanced. It would be perfectly suitable for solo use or hiking, but not for contact. I have substantially reduced the price from 145 to 85$

Picture 2: Hickory 1" 48" Jo staff. This particular jo staff has several medium sized pin knots which can be felt. and several dark grain lines, which do not decrease the strength of the staff. Because of all the unusual markings I would not recommend this staff for contact. Its weight is 1lb and 2 ounces. I have reduced the price 20$ from 67 to 47. The pinknots are not too noticeable when using for technique and of course this would be quite a unique character walking staff. 

Picture 3. Hickory 1" 58" Jo Staff. This jo staff has two minor pin knots and a a couple minor streaks down one side of the staff, which is very common in hickory. Making it look quite unique. I've never seen anything like it before. It does not reduce the strength of the wood, and it ,makes the staff look striped as you can see in the picture. I have reduced the price for this staff 10$ from 72 to 57$ Its weight is 1 lb and 6 ounces which is on the medium to lighter side for hickory. Of course not recommended for contact. 

Picture 4:N/A

*If you  want to contact me about a custom order please send your correspondence to and I will be happy to help.

DISCLAIMER: The user assumes and accepts any and all risks and responsibilities in handling any purchased staffs. To maximize safety please adhere to each of the following rules.
-ALWAYS inspect each staff carefully, before and after each use.
-ALWAYS use proper safety equipment and precautions when handling any staff with regards to yourself and others.
-ALWAYS administer proper care and diligence in storing and maintaining your staff.