Scrapwood Martial Arts LLC Makers of fine hand made karate/martial arts wooden weapons and staffs. Specifically Bo Staffs and Jo Staffs.

Welcome to Scrapwood Martial Arts. Makers of Fine handmade hardwood martial arts staffs.

We specialize in high quality hardwood staffs such as full size Bo Staffs, Jo Staffs, hanbo, and Escrima sticks. We use the finest, hand selected hickory hardwood, Ipe Wood, and Purpleheart. Let us help you get the perfect Staff for any needs!

Currently we are fully stocked with the highest quality hickory wood for all our products. We are working on filling in much of the inventory over the coming months. So if there is a product you are looking for that doesn't show as 'in stock' most likely we can make it and would be happy to set up a custom order for you. Please feel free to contact us at And we will be happy to help!

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Our Featured Product

Solid Ipe Jo Staff. Over twice as hard as hickory, and noticeably heavier, these staffs have a wonderful smooth feel and rich dark color. 

Solid Ipe Jo Staff 1" x 60" Exotic Heavy Wood for Martial arts training, karate

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