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The ideal weapon for the ideal circumstance.

     Your choice of weapon depends very much on the circumstances in which you want to use it. Do you want it for self defense? Do you want it for dojo use? Do you want it to feel confident while on the trail? Do you want to keep it light, heavy, in your pack? Visible?       There are so many factors it is impossible to list them all. However lets go over a few.      Do you want to use it outside? If you want to use it outside in relatively open spaces a bo staff might be good for you. The room that you have to use two hands works with you, and you have both...

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The sweet spot

After building an exceptionally heavy bo for someone at their request (imo too heavy) I realized a few things about using a bo which I can put into words which may help people picking out their own staff. There is a sweet spot which is different for each person which has to do with their ideal staff they want for their purposes. The sweet spot is where when accelerating the staff you use ALL of your muscles and get the staff moving to its maximum speed for impact, and where you use ALL of your muscles to slow the staff down again to prepare for the next technique. This is also the optimal workout for you and your bo. If...

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