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9/15/23 Love these sticks. I have been looking everywhere for yawara sticks for a while. Even I had ordered a few but I don't like it and I want 4" for easy to carry.I am glad that I found you. I ordered one 4" from you before. This is my 2nd order.  Thank You again. -Tony S.

8/19/23 A High quality hanbo, exactly what I needed/ expected.


8/14/23 The Item came quickly and was exactly as described. The ipe wood  is very solid and heavy, and the cool finish feels smooth,  almost stone-like. I showed it to my father in law, who is an old grand master, and once he saw could not put it down.  So I purchased him his own, and a few more for others :) It was easy to get a hold of Adam and I really appreciate his attention to workmanship and the details. -L.G.

8/2/23 The craftsman who makes these staffs is a teacher of martial artists and a martial artis. He puts his own skill and wisdom from his training and instructing ( we call it "ki" or "chi" ) and it is  instilled into everything he crafts.

7/29/23 I have purchased 3 staffs now and each one I feel is a true work of art. You won't regret purchasing anything from Adam. It has been worth every cent. -James

6/3/23 I really love this great Jo Staff. It has a smooth feel and a good weight. I really enjoy training with it -Ronald

2/9/23 I am really very happy with my purchase. It is a nice work of art. I'm absolutely confident it will perform as needed. Thanks! -Diaz

2/8/23 I received my custom hickory/ipe bo today and it is gorgeous! A true work of art. It is heavy and combat ready, and the balance is perfect. I love it!

1/24/23 I have made several purchases now of Scrapwood Martial Arts. I have come back because the quality of the products are simply amazing and Adam always is there to help. This last purchase not an exception. I wanted something specific and Adam was helpful and responsive. I could not have been happier when then staff arrived with the quality of the workmanship M.G

1/14/23 Hello I just received my staff today and it is really great! Thank you so much for the work you out into it, I couldn’t be happier! -Robert D

I purchased and just received my Bo from Adam at scrapwood martial arts. Ordered for a seminar that i am attending. Adam called me, explained he wasn’t pleased and wanted to make me another. Not only did he make me another but I then had the opportunity to get correct size!
Pleasure to deal with, fantastic product and phenomenal customer service! If you want a Bo or even a custom, check this business out!
Thanks again Adam!
"I found the Scrapwood Martial Arts site while researching Ipe wood and decided to add an Ipe hanbo to my collection. My purchase arrived very quickly and I was extremely happy with the quality of my order. So happy, as a matter of fact, that I immediately bought another piece, an octagonal jo, which came out beautifully. Adam does fantastic work, and was incredibly responsive to some questions I'd posed to him over email. My one regret is that I hadn't discovered his prodcuts sooner.
- Tom C."


I love the staffs  I got the Purple Heart bo and the octagonal hickory bo
They feel wonderful in hand, a nice weight to them, overall beautiful as well. 
I will definitely be coming back and keeping you in mind when I need more bos or jos or tonfa and the like.

I never gave you a review when I bought this from you. This is a beautiful Bo! I bought this Bo as a Purple belt and finally made it to a Brown belt to become familiar with this gorgeous weapon. I am learning Bo Kata Shodan within my Dojó and this Bo feels great! I get a lot of compliments and my Sensei loves it too. Keep doing what you do.
Thank you!'


'This the the best compliment for training and personal defense you could possibly have.. my neighbors are wanting ones also... the versatility of this goes back thousands of years'

Gergory M.

Recieved my staff the other day. Love at first sight. Love the weight, strength, and color.

Steve H. 

 I am so impressed at the quality of your work!!  WOW

10/25/22 This is the Nicest Jo I've ever seen. I hesitate to actually start using it in my dojo because I don't want to inflict wear on it. I would absolutely buy again. 

10/25/22 The staff has beautiful craftsman ship. I am excited to use it as a hiking staff, its most likely the best I own. 

10/22/22 The staff is solid, straight and straight grained, and shipped with caring. I have purchased in the past 2 rokushaku and then this jo staff, and Adam has hit the mark with quality each time

-Matt D

 Jeremy KAn absolutely superb bo staff! I was gifted a custom length hickory and ipe wood bo staff for the holidays. The staff is made of 2 different hickory woods with a strip of ipe down the middle and lightly tapered at both ends. It is a fantastic weapon.

I took up the bo staff recently and for class we purchased an expensive performance staff. It’s a nice staff, but extremely light weight and more for tossing and playing than striking. For my art, I wanted more of a weapon than a toy.

The staff from Adam is sensational. The hickory is durable and beautiful and the ipe down the middle adds weight and stiffness. The balance is perfect and the grip and length is just what I wanted. The staff wants for nothing except an occasional rub down with high grit sandpaper and a touch up on the linseed oil finish.

Every time I practice with my new staff I am reminded again that we are practicing MARTIAL arts. While a lightweight staff is fun for tricks and goofing around, a true crafted WEAPON like this one is at the heart of the art. Thank you for a wonderful bo staff that I will use and enjoy throughout my martial arts journey.
-Jeremy K. 


Corey S. As a customer all I can say is this guy is superb in the art of weapon making! I have trained in various martial arts for years and have had the pleasure of training with weapons from all around Asia. This guy rivals and most times succeeds what are considered "Old world master craftsmen" the truth is I do consider this guy a master Craftsman. I have never received a product with knots in the wood, warping, splintering etc and the finish is phenomenal! Great guy to work with and bounce ideas off of.


Jerry C Hello Adam, I received my Osage Orange Escrima Sticks today and really love them!  I have enjoyed getting to know you and your work over the internet.  If I desire to have a bo made from an exotic wood I will notify you with a request. Until the future...

Jerry C Hello Adam, I received my new Ipe laminated Bo Staff today and once again I am very pleased with your work and in doing business with you.  Thank you very much for offering to do this after my black-wood request.  I love its feel and its weight.  I regard it as another one of your 'class' bo staffs in my collection.
     Thanks again, Adam!                                                                              
Ted P My hanbo order arrived today and I LOVE what I'm seeing in your work! 
I'll be looking ahead to the future for others.
Thank you for sharing your talents in such a beautiful way.                        


5 out of 5 star

This is a masterful example of craftsmanship. This staff is so well balanced and it cuts the wind with each stroke and movement. I have a few different variations of his work and I think each one is special and unique. Regardless of the size difference and materials each staff is infused with the spirit of the warrior/priest. I highly recommend any of his products and if you're debating on it,stop. Quickly get one of the best handmade battle ready staffs today. You're wasting time if you're still reading this. Buy it ASAP and look forward to a wonderfully made product that will provide many years of diligent faithful service. God bless you all my dear friends.


Matt S Great customer service! The items came as described. I will definitely order from him again..
The thing that separates a master Craftsman from a Journeyman is being able to make your weapons feel alive. This man's tools come alive in your hands like no other. The Japanese believe that a "Kami" or spirit is formed into the weapon once it is finished by the smith, these staffs add to that theory.
I believe I have ordered a total of four staffs in total and cherish every one of them and would not hesitate to take them into battle. I thank the smith for such a great all around job! I'm having some financial issues at the moment but will order again when I'm back in my feet. Have a wonderful day sir!


Emily B 'This bo feels like such an ally to me.' 


Amy Greetings! I want to tell you right now how much my Sensei loves my bo staff that you made! He said the taper is perfect, the ends are perfect, the quality of hickory is amazing, even the linseed oil finish is perfect. Normally when I buy wooden weapons he tells me to sand off the finish and redo it myself, but he said yours is perfect! 

 He said it's the second most perfect bo staff he's ever seen in his life, the most perfect belongs to HIS sensei and he joked that he practically sleeps on top of it to protect it. 

He joked, "Whoever made this staff is going to be my new best friend."

I performed my kata (Choun No Kun, if you know it) quite a bit better than I normally do. I did practice it very carefully a few days ago, but I also think that maybe having him gush over what a nice bo it is may have inspired me?

 Thank you for such a lovely weapon!

Amy S: I'm a repeat customer! I've bought some bo's from Adam and by now he knows what kind of grain I like in my hickory, so when I bought a set of tan bo he sent me "the most aesthetically pleasing pair". Now that's customer service! I will definitely purchase from him again and again.


11/2/2017 Adam is amazing. He has great responsiveness, sent pictures of the progress he made and built my very own "Unlabored Flawlessness"! I would certainly buy from him again. -ST

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