About Me.

My name is Adam. I created Scrapwood Martial Arts in 2017. I am very grateful to have started my formal karate training in traditional Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu Karate on Long Island NY under the instruction of the late Sensai Franco. I studied in the dojo formally for 15 years from the age of 13 and reached the rank of Ni Dan. My favorite part of my training was always training with the bo staff, and I always felt an affinity with it. After moving out of the state, I went on to continue my training in other forms most notably wilderness awareness and wilderness survival skills. During that time I did extensive training one one one for several years in aikiedo with an aikido instructor, studied and became highly proficient in and am still active in foraging, bow making, and general wood working. My first (online) store was on Etsy and I successfully made handmade archery bows. Sometime later I came back to my love of karate and kobudo and found a new appreciation for woodworking, have found a new love for kobudo making kobudo weapons. I enjoy every piece I make, and every one of them inspires me to make them in exactly the same quality and functionality that my original staffs were made by me by my lifetime woodworker father, who has been instrumental in my growth as I have honed and grown my skills and experience. I hope the training, methods and tools that I use,  will help bring joy and fulfillment to your training the same way that they have enhanced my life and my enjoyment, in mine.