Do you use varnish for your wooden martial arts staffs?


Do you varnish your staffs?

I do not use any varnish.  Varnish easily breaks upon contact and the feel and smoothness of natural oils on a martial arts staff is superior.  Linseed oil once dry which happens quickly, gives a wonderful feel where your hands can slide effortlessly up and down the staff while still responding to subtle grip changes to stop the staff from sliding exactly when you want it to, for instance when switching hands or sliding up and down the staff.. 

Varnish is much more sticky and can squeak as you move your hands.  With this said.. varnish for that reason may be better for hiking as it has more friction and more protection.  I do not offer varnish applications.  I can however send them out unoiled, if you want to finish them yourself,   and if this is the case please contact me before purchase, as I can usually accomodate this.