What oils are best to use on wooden martial arts staffs?

Question: What oil should I use on my bo staffs? How much should I apply? How long should I wait in-between coats? Help... I don't know what I'm doing and don't want to mess anything up!

First, stay calm... 

What oils are best to use?

The oil I use is a very high grade boiled linseed oil. Also I have heard but have no experience with tung oil, which I have heard is quite good as well. Honestly I would not use any other oils besides these two. Tung oil is very clear. Linseed darkens the wood very slightly. Hickory goes becomes a warm yellow or orange color which I like very much and you can see in any pictures.  

Edit* Raw linseed oil I have heard takes forever to dry. Like a month. I use a boiled or 'polymerized' linseed oil, which dries much quicker. Within a day or two. 

Other than that, you CAN'T mess it up. If you put too much on, just wipe it off. If you don't put enough on, put more on. Lol. Put as many coats as you want until it stops absorbing it. If its dry the next day put more on. I wait a day between coats. But just know you can't mess anything up. Unlike a finish, oil is just oil. And too much or too little won't harm anything. Enjoy your staff for life!