Octagonal Hickory Tanbo Staffs 1,1/8," 24-28"
Octagonal Hickory Tanbo Staffs 1,1/8," 24-28"
Octagonal Hickory Tanbo Staffs 1,1/8," 24-28"

Octagonal Hickory Tanbo Staffs 1,1/8," 24-28"

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This listing is for extra wide 1,1/8" octagonal construction a Hickory Tanbo staff. These staffs may come in single sticks or in matching weight pairs.

Kali sticks or escrima sticks are training tools used in Arnis style martial arts. 

These sticks may be in laminated or solid hardwood depending on wood quality and availability. Matching pairs will be made from the same construction. If you are looking for standard thickness 1" pairs please see my other listing. 

The octagonal short sticks style is also excellent for training purposes as the edges deliver more impact compared to a rounded design. The octagonal style design feels EXTREMELY natural in the hands and is the ultimate for outdoor use staff... they feel more solid and hefty when gripping. It is preferred by many martial artists because of this quality. They are also excellent for kata and strength training in the martial arts. Due to the increased width, these sticks are excellent for weight training and wrist strength. 

Hickory is the hardest available North American wood. Hickory prevents this bow from having almost any wobble or flex and has a great sturdy feel.

Hickory can come in several shades of tan to brown. And sometimes combined into one staff. Each staff is unique, and the pictures are generic in nature. 

It is finished with several coats of Linseed and Beeswax oil, which gives it a permanent shine and protective layer while allowing the users hands to slip effortlessly up and down the staff, which is required for proper technique.

*Most of our items are made to order so please allow 1-2 weeks for completion. If you are buying more then 4 items, I would suggest please contacting by our e-mail below first to confirm the availability of supplies and delivery time for you.

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If you have any questions or would like to request a custom order please send all correspondence to scrapwoodmartialarts@gmail.com. 

DISCLAIMER: The user assumes and accepts any and all risks and responsibilities in handling any purchased staffs. To maximize safety please adhere to each of the following rules.
-ALWAYS inspect each staff carefully, before and after each use.
-ALWAYS use proper safety equipment and precautions when handling any staff with regards to yourself and others.
-ALWAYS administer proper care and diligence in storing and maintaining your staff.