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Staff maintenance Kit. Linseed oil Tin, 320, 800 sandpaper sheet

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This description is not only the kit description, but also wooden staff maintenance instructions as well.

Many people ask how to properly care and maintain your staff. While of course there are many ways to do this, I will share the most simple convenient way, and the exact same way I care for my items, and my personal staffs. This kit is intended to give you a convenient and simple way to have all that you need with your staff to keep it maintained for many years.

This kit contains two sheets of sand paper 320 fine grit and 800 super fine grit and a container of non toxic food grade all natural linseed oil which is the same oil I use for my staffs. It is a fast drying mixture of traditional linseed oil and beeswax. I find that these two grits of sandpaper is all one needs.

When wood is oiled, especially newly made hickory, the oil can swell the wood grains slightly causing roughness. Sometimes this can happen in a matter of days. Other times it can take weeks or months, before you staff might need a going over. Some woods will never need any touchup or maintenance ever. Sometimes especially in hickory again, the wood is more porous then others, and it can feel a little dry. This would be a good reason to apply some more oil as well.

The use of this kit will not in any way harm the staff, and you can not over oil the staff. It is optional how much you use it. And if you over oil and the wood soaks up all it can all you have to do is wipe it off a bit and you are done.

With the sand paper, I cut each sheet into 8 or so square sections, and I fold the sides so the rough paper is facing out on both sides of the paper. This gives me a great grip for my hands, so the paper does not slip as I use it. For a touch up I use usually one side of that folded paper for one bo staff. This gives about 16 touch ups per sheet minimum.

The exact method I use is if the staff feels a little rough or gritty, I wipe it down with 320 which smooths the staff to a really pleasant feel. The 320 sand paper is rough enough to remove any roughness. Then I dip the tip of my finger into the oil and wipe a line or two down one side of the staff. It does not need to be a lot, as the staff is already oiled. This is just to touch up the surface. The tin I have included is enough for many many applications, as you do not need a lot of oil. I do not use very much when touching up. If you choose to have a super smooth, almost polished feel for your staff, I have included the 800 grit sandpaper. This is optional, and I do not use this on every staff. Some staffs one, would want more grip, and I do not use the 800. It can be too smooth. Some staffs, for some reason do not feel as good, or the smoothness with the grain of the wood becomes distracting. If that is the case, one can go over it again with the 320, and it is back to the normal feel. These sandpapers can be used wet or dry, and although I use the 320 first, you can choose to oil it a bit, and then sand. It will work either way.

You may also purchase this kit, if you have ordered a custom unfinished staff which you wanted to paint, or burn, or finish yourself, and you might want to oil later on your own time.

*The fine nature of these sand papers is for fine smoothing of the staffs or touching up only. It will NOT do heavy sanding, change the shape of the wood or dig in, in any way. These papers will not remove material in any noticeable way.

If you find the oil hardens or forms a film over time simply heat the tin of oil in warm or hot water, and it will melt back to liquid consistency.

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