tonfa white oak for karate
tonfa white oak for karate
tonfa white oak for karate
tonfa white oak for karate
tonfa white oak for karate

White Oak Tonfa Pair 3.5" handle length. Solid Hardwood.

 These are solid white oak Tonfa with a traditional Okinawa style build. The material of solid White oak is probably the most well-rounded popular wood for tonfa due to the hardness of the tonfa and its balanced attributes of reasonable weight, strength, and speed in use. These tonfa has a length of 19.5 inches and the handle length (from the base to the thinnest point below the pommel) is 3.5 inches. The grip head at the top is gently sloped up for maximum comfort and stability of grip coming to a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches, which is very wide and makes it very easy to maintain a sturdy grip on the tools. Other spellings include tuifa and tunfa. They are the same. 

White oak is a beautiful brown medium hardwood. Not to be confused with American red oak, which is much lighter and brittle and not suitable for martial arts weapons. 

The handles are attached with a perfect fit deep inside the tonfa body making the construction extremely durable and strong. It is impossible for these handles to come out.  

Other dimensions and specs.

Weight: approximately 15 ounces per tonfa. 

Distance from the front head, or forehead of the tonfa to the center of the handle: 5,1/8"

Distance from the back of the tonfa to center of handle: 14,3/8"

Handle distance from base to the handle pommel. This is the thinnest point of the handle. 3.5" These dimensions are used to fit the handle to your hand size.

Handle thickness at base: 1,3/16" 

Dimensions of the body at center: 1,3/8 by 1,3/8"  

This is a pair of matching weight tonfas. 

Fitting instructions for these particular tonfa. The way I have gently sloped the grip head makes more room for the hand, and in my opinion makes the grip far more comfortable and safer than other grip styles. The angle gives approximately 1/8 of an inch more room for one's hand width, so these particular handles of 3.5 inches would fit best someone with a hand width of 3 5/8 inches. This would have the bottom of your hand comfortably (but not tightly, touch the body of the tonfa and the grip head touches the top of your hand. If your hand is smaller than this size, there will be some amount of space between your grip and the tonfa body. Your hand width is measured by measuring the widest part of your palm from pointer side to pinky side NOT including the thumb. So basically the widest part of your hand near your four knuckles. 

I have applied several coats of linseed oil to these tonfa as well. 

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